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    Personalised Teddies Delivered Australia Wide

    Who doesn’t adore personalised teddy bear?

    Cute and cuddly, fluffy and soft, big or small – teddy bears are a timeless gift and a friend forever.

    Teddie& Lane are your one stop personalised teddy shop. We love our teddies and understand how special a furry friend can be baby's first teddy bear personalised or a graduations teddy.

    Featuring a gorgeous array of teddies (and friends) we have the perfect customised teddy or cuddly buddy for that special someone in your life.

    Made with love and from the highest quality materials, a Teddie & Lane teddy is an investment in memories.

    All our teddies are huggable friends and also you can personalise them with a message of your choice for any occasion. Think; personalised christenings teddies, perosnalised baptism teddy bear, customised baby showers teddy bear, a bear with names for birthdays, birth  announcements teddie bears, embroider teddy for graduations and……just because I want a teddy bear. There’s a cubbie teddy bear in there for everyone.

    Teddie& Lane – Let’s make memories together.


    Welcome to Teddie & Lane!

    Teddie & Lane is a family owned business, based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in personalising teddies with your special message and shipping express Australia Wide. We embroider on teddy bears and cubbies for all occasions in our studio in Melbourne Australia.

    Personalise that special moment in your life for any special occasion.

    Our stunning range includes:

    Personalised Cubbie Teddy Bears

    Personalised Graduation Teddy Bears

    Personalised Births Teddy Bears

    Personalised Christening Teddy Bears

    Personalised Christmas Teddy Bears

    Personalised Easter Teddy Bears

    Personalised Get Well Soon Teddy Bears

    Personalised Mother’s Day Teddy Bears

    Personalised Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears

    Personalised Wedding Teddy Bears

    Personalised Engagement Teddy Bears

    Personalised New Jobs Teddy Bears

    Personalised Promotion Teddy Bears

    Personalised Retirement Teddy Bears


    Our Story…

    “It all began with that moment in time, searching for that perfect gift for a friend to mark a special memory in time,.

    ‘Why not personalise a teddy…’?  The answer to that one question seen the birth of Teddie & Lane.

    We began personalising anything we could, the more gifts we gave the more feedback we received.

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